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Zako (ザコ) also known as, Zako Bee is a recurring enemy from the Galaga series. They are large, insectoid enemies debuting in the original Galaga game, and resemble massive bees with blue wings and yellow-red stripes.


This bug appears in many games in the Galaga series. Their job is to chase your ship (the Gyaraga) and bring it down. They are known for turning into the slime green bonus bugs or a triplicate of scorpion-like bonus bugs. They are also notable for the Red wing Glitch, in which their wings turn red.

Notable movements[]

This character is known to bug people by looking like it is going to leave by the bottom of the screen, when he just comes up and tries to kamikaze you. During attack, the yellow minion bug will swoop down at the player. After the first attack, the bug will loop once at the bottom of the screen before returning to formation.

Sometimes, these bugs will break off the formation during rank forming, and will dive bomb the player. Other instances include the yellow space bugs will discharge shots while swooping down at the player.