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This game, character, piece of media, etc. is not part of the Galaga series, but has meaning to be on this wiki due to Galagan appearences, or major in-game references to Galaga, thus, page will not be deleted.

Xeno Fighters EX (new updated name Xeno Fighters EX-R) is a crossover vertical shooter created by JudgeSpear, creator of the popular fan-made non-profit game Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.

Galaga appearances[]

The Gyaraga appears as a selectable fighter, who has the usual bullets, but can send out Galagans to destroy enemies. The Gyaraga is also capable of shooting the Galagan Commander capture beam, which can capture any weak enemies, and make them slave allies.


thumb|500px|left|A video depicting the Gyaraga's performance in Xeno Fighters EX-R.