The hyper galaxip is a ship that resembles the regular galaxip but it's has a darker texture and is stronger. It can only be found in Gaplus.

How to obtainEdit

On Parsec 1, do nothing until all enimies have gone into formation. Shoot the first "Zako" alien on the bottom row second from the very left when the shooting star appears. You will see a Rally-X S flag. Then, as the Gaplus Queen comes down, ram into it (you're actually comitting suicide). Then grab the S flag. You'll gain 1 extra life and you're ship will evolve.


  • This won't work in the Commodore 64 version.
  • On the title screen, it is placed on the bottom of the screen (even in the Commmodore 64 version.)
  • In the app, you will have to ram with a Zako.