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Goei in Galaga.

Goei in Galaxian.

Goei (ゴエイ) are recurring enemies in the Galaga series.


In Galaga, these bugs are white with red wings and generally resemble large moths or butterflies. From the left wing to the right wing, it has 2 blue stripes. When they die, they make a noise similar to the sound Pac-Man makes in the Pac-Man series, another series by Namco. They are not the most well-trained Space Bugs in the enemy force, not as much as the Zakos. These ones will break formation with their commanders, and will discharge fire upon the Gyaraga. Sometimes, they will break during form-up to attack the starfighter, but they do not do this as often as yellow space bugs.

In the Galagan military, they seem to provide escorts for the larger, more powerful commanders .


These bugs in Galaxian do not make their own "noise" when they die, this being because Galaxian was made earlier than Galaga and therefore had fewer sound effects.


  • They both do what their leading commander tells them when they go along with a commander, even if that commander dies or is killed. This doesn't always happen in Galaga, though.