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Gaplus (also known as Galaga 3) is a game from 1984 in the Galaxian series. It is basically the same as Galaga, only a little more "retro". It has three European flags: France (top), Germany (middle), and Italy (bottom).

The box of Gaplus.


The gameplay has been modified since the game before. Now the player has the ability to move upward and downward, as well as steal enemy ships and use them as a dual ship. You can abduct as many ships as you want to use (the limit is six). It makes the challenging stages and the rest of the game easier depsite the challenge it has throughout regular stages and other levels. Other blaster heads give you other abilities, like shooting two bullets at a time.


The game first appeared in Japan like other Namco releases and other Galaga games. Eventually it was released for arcade in the United States in the later 1980s. The game didn't recieve much popularity, not as much as the original Galaga game and the series Pac-Man. It was never sold as a single game.

In 2007 it was an arcade game that could be played on Namco Remix, and it was not changed from its original style and gameplay.

It was also on Namco Museum Megamix and Virtual Consol Arcade for the Wii shop channel.


  • It was never revealed why there are three European flags in the upper left-hand corner of the box.
  • because it was only released on europe