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A Boss Galaga firing its tractor beam.

Boss Galaga (also known as Galagan Commander) is an enemy in the Galaga series. It is a high-ranking fly-like alien commando from Galaga that projects a beam of light to capture your fighter. Boss Galagas travel with red minions, which will behave the same with no regard to if the Boss Galaga has been defeated or not.

The Boss Galaga originated from Galaga and was not seen in Galaxian. In Galaga '88, Boss Galagas can capture dual fighters in one attack. In Gaplus, they are referred to as Queens, but function identically to their Galaga mechanics.


Boss Galaga has appeared in several games outside of the Galaga series. It appears as an item in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/WiiU and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where it uses its tractor beam to pull opponents to the top of the screen. Pac-Man's grab attack in both games is an homage to Boss Galaga's tractor beam. In Xeno Fighters EX, the Capture Beam used by Boss Galaga is used by the Gyaraga as a weapon to capture small enemy fighters.