A Galaxian Commander firing its capture beam.

Boss Galaga (also knows as, Galagan Commander) is an enemy in the Galaga series. It is a high-rank, fly-like alien commando from Galaga that projects a beam of light to capture your fighter. They travel with red minions, and if you kill them while traveling with the red minions, the minions still act as if the commander is there. This is a common glitch, but it is sometimes hard to activate. They are from Galaga and the insert coin screen for Galaga 1988, where it shows a yellow one flying across the screen eventually. In Xeno Fighters EX, the Capture Beam used by the Galagan Commando is used by the Gyaraga as a weapon to capture small enemy fighters. In Galaga '88, they can capture dual fighters.


Commanders are called "queens." They appear at the top, carrying blaster heads that can be earned by killing it while it's attacking.

  • This is the only alien you have to shoot two times to defeat. After being shot once, they change colour and die after the second shot.